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7/16/2012 Just a reminder that the Final Fantasy 6 Comic will continue posting new pages at its new website: The FF6 Comic. I am discontinuing new pages at this ComicGenesis location. This site will stay up, still, probably. But click the above link for new pages. As always, thanks for reading, everyone!

3/26/2012 For the past several months I have been unsatisfied with my this FF6 Comic website here at ComicGenesis, but have been too scared to work on my new site (awkwardly made using Wordpress and Comicpress). Well, it might not look pretty, but if I put this off any longer, I will never get it done.

Therefore, let it be known:

The new Final Fantasy 6 Comic webpage will be at this location.

I resolve to post my new pages, as well as keep a journal of the comic's progress on there. There's even a comments space where readers can talk. I'll continue to post new pages to this website FOR A TIME. Then eventually I'll post the pages only at the new site and my DeviantART page. I realize I've put this off for far too long. It wasn't fair to you, the readers. But I really am not comfortable with website building, so the idea of setting up that new site really was daunting. But it's there, it's running, it's awkward looking, and it comes from my heart. Please enjoy.

- Orinocou
1/30/12 So, we begin chapter 6. I backdated the chapter title page because I wanted to start the next chapter on a Monday as quickly as possible. You can click the "back" button to see the title page, but don't laugh. I couldn't think of a better name for the title.

For this chapter, and the next coming chapters, I'm going to try and rotate between the three scenarios. I'll try and do it scene by scene. I've never told three stories at once before, so we'll see how successful I am.

Yes, I know the ShoutBox is still disabled. I'm afraid I've been a bit too busy to attend to it... For now, if you'd like to comment, feel free to head over to my DeviantART page.

1/3/12 Happy New Year everyone! This new page is late as expected, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Now, it seems something has happened to the ShoutBox... thanks for your patience while I look into what's up. If you're really itching to make a comment, feel free to stop by my DeviantArt page, where all the comic pages are also posted.

12/22/11 Okay, here's this week's page. Since I updated it so late, and since I'm going out of town for Christmas, this means that next page likely won't be ready by next Monday. But it will be uploaded sometime next week. Happy Holidays, everyone!

12/12/11 New page up. This is page 208.

12/5/11 New page up!

11/24/11 Happy (American) Thanksgiving everyone! Just a heads-up that the next page won't be until December 5th. It makes me sad, but a sudden cold and an obligation to visit family makes it necessary. See you all in a bit!

11/14/11 This page took longer than expected. Probably because my heart couldn't take drawing Banon three times in one page.

10/27/11 Okay. New page up. Since this is so late in posting, I surely won't have page 204 done by Monday. So. Realistically speaking, next page won't be ready until next week. Look for it on Monday, November 7th! This also gives me time to work on other projects. Very important right now.

10/19/11 This is page 202. Ultros Boogie! And now I have to fix dinner.

10/12/11 Page 201 done. I rather like this one. Next page: Ultros!

10/5/11 Okay, here is page 200. I hope you like it. Does Terra know how to swim? I guess it's ambiguous. Strikes me as a question that should have been asked beforegetting on the raft. Incidentally, I am just learning to swim myself... never learned as a child. Apparently I never learned to draw waves, either, so doing this page is good practice! Anyway, please enjoy.

On another note, I am still working to set up my new FF6c site. Will give you all the link when it's ready!.

10/2/11 I usually like to post an extra drawing on October First, but this year I missed the date. Here it is on october second (but backdated to the first because I don't feel like reworking the file.)

9/26/11 This happens to be page 199. I know, I keep forgetting to number them. But so it is.

9/19/11 And with a big wink, Locke leaves the scene. And the comic, at least for a time. I am sad. But Banon doesn't care.

9/12/11 New page up!

9/5/11 Happy Labor Day to the US readers! Hope you like the new page. Is the first panel sparkly enough?

8/29/11 A bit late, but I got the page done! Please enjoy.

8/21/11 I got all distracted this weekend watching Doctor Who... but here is a new page! For anyone wondering, I have gotten myself some web hosting. We'll see how I like them. Now comes setting up my new website- I'll share the link once I'm done! But it is slow going since this is all very new to me. I'll let you guys know.

8/8/11 Nice new page today! While Comic Genesis has been good to me these last four years, I've been considering buying some web hosting. Now I am wondering- have any of you guys got your own site, and how do you like your web host? Any suggestions or tips would be most appreciated.

7/30/11 New page is done and ready to post on Monday! Now I'm spending the weekend trying to improve the website itself. Working in code is like a foreign language to me. Please excuse any strangeness you see, I'm working on getting stuff straight. [EDIT] Yesterday I replaced the navigation buttons! I think they look nice.

7/18/11 I'm back from my trip. I went to Seattle. It was fun. Now back to work!

7/3/11 You get a new page one day early since I'll be out of town this next week. But this means I won't have July 11th's page ready on time. Just a head's up. Happy Independence Day, American readers!

6/29/11 Another new page. In doing the dialogue for this comic, I was sure to make Terra never say Edgar's name. Just so I could make her ask this question. Awkwardness is going to follow.

New page was late because I made potato pancakes for the first time ever tonight. They were good! But then there was the clean up.

Also: July 4th's and July 11th's pages might need to be postponed, as I am going on a trip to Seattle in early July. Just giving y'all warning. :)

6/21/11 New page. Took a little longer because I wanted time to do it right. More or less. Enjoy.

6/14/11 New page up! This happens to be page 185, for those of you counting. How many of you guessed that Edgar would respond with something like this?

6/10/11 Giving you all a heads up... next week's page will likely post on Tuesday instead of Monday. I'll be heading back home this weekend and the time I normally spend doing the comic will be spent taking my visiting cousin around town. I am excited to see him! But that means the comic will have to wait. Ah, well.

6/6/11 New page up!

5/30/11 New page up. Took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to go in the last panel- in the end, I just went for the simplest option.

Hope all the readers in the United States are enjoying their long weekend and taking time to remember the reason for the Memorial Day holiday.

[EDIT] I forgot to mention. Sabin's line about being embarrassed in this page? Is from Lina Darkstar's translation of FF6 as it appeared on this forum thread on IcyBrian. In the GBA version of the game, I believe Sabin says something like "But don't tell him I said that. He'll turn red as a tomato!". Which is referring to Edgar being the one who would be embarrassed. But I liked Lina's version better. So here we are.

5/25/11 Okay. Had problems working TextWrangler and getting it to upload to the FTP server. That's why the pause in updates in this section. I think we're all good though.

Thank yous are in order! First, thanks to everyone for your patience in the slow updates to this site and the weekly pages. I try my best, but at it's heart, this is very much a "learn as you go" sort of operation. But I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. Second, thanks to everyone who came by our Artist's Alley table at Anime Central this past weekend! I was surprised and really pleased that readers of this modest little comic came out to show the love. And for you all who couldn't make it, thanks for all your thoughts and well wishes. You guys are the best. In particular, special thanks to one reader who came to the table while I was away and who did something really sweet and kind. You know who you are! I wish I was at the table to thank you in person- this teaches me not to leave a table at a con ever! Haha.

Did I ever mention that I put up the Final Fantasy 6 Comic's archive up on Deviant Art? It's there. Nothing special or fancy. A few of the pages have some commentary or notes on them.

Lastly, some of the chocobo plushies for sale at Acen did not find a home. A few have been put up for sale on Take a look.

Onwards with the story! Sabin and Terra have a heart-to-heart, and Terra debates whether to join the Returners. Thanks for reading, guys!

5/24/11 Am back from Anime Central! More detailed description to follow.

2/28/11 I forgot I meant to end chapter 4 after the scene on Mt. Kolts. So once this update goes through, you can click back in the archives and see the "Chapter 5" title page. Don't get excited; it's just a solid black page. Also filled in the gutters between the panels of last week's page with black.

2/21/11 Happy President's Day to the American readers! My FTP server seems to want to upload the new page later rather than sooner. I am trying to get it to upload properly.

2/7/11 Happy Birthday to me two days ago! New page up.

1/31/11 New page

1/24/11 There you are. The brothers are reunited.

1/18/11 At first I wasn't sure how to start Edgar and Sabin's reunion scene. But I like their little awkward moment here. It makes me laugh.

1/10/11 Okay! Today's page is a simple one, but hopefully you enjoy it. What color is an Aurabolt, anyway? I always thought blue, but I referred to the actual game and found it green. So we compromise, we do green-blue. And now good-bye Vargas, no one liked you anyway. Next week: the reunion!

Sunday was a surprisingly productive day- there was cooking, cleaning, church, organizing, Doctor Who, letter-writing, and comic making! Oh, and registering for Anime Central this May. Yes. This year's off to a good start. Hope you are all also getting things done and holding tight to your resolutions- I've slipped already, but am trying. Don't give up!

1/3/2011 Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you enjoy Vargas's attempt at hitting Sabin in the temple with a sort of large rock.

12/23/10 I finished next week's page early! I am so proud. Will keep to the regular posting schedule, though, so this gives me time to work on the page for the first week of January.

While my sewing skills is limited to fluffy chocobo dolls, my friend Aikifox has had textiles on the brain for a while now. Her blog A'Cloth the World (yes) follows her latest crafting/sewing peojects with a special emphasis on cultural expression and the role of textiles from a historical and global perspective. Among her topics are Japanese Gothic Lolita, blue jeans, and Hinduism. Definitely worth a look if you are currently or have ever worn clothes.

Probably should add this plug to my Livejournal. Anyway, I'm done.

12/20/10 Yes, Vargas goes in for the pummel. Do you like the sound effects of the pummeling? It was honestly the only thing I could think of. And do you like wind-blown Edgar? I think I may have gone overboard with the crazy hair- oh well. He looks like me in the mornings. Har har har.

While I was doing this page, my monitor kept going dim a little bit, and then flickering back to normal. That was really odd. Is that what happens to laptops once they reach a certain age? Because mine is already seven years old. I think it's getting time I buy a new lappy. And a new tablet, I've had this Wacom for four years and have used it to make every single page of the FF6 comic. Now the two buttons at the top of the tablet are not working. Oh, dear.

12/15/10 This page took longer than expected, for all that it's only three panels. But hey, it's done! Vargas and Sabin continue their fight. Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone for your kind thoughts and well wishes for my wedding.

12/6/10 Am back from hiatus. Since we last talked, I got married and went on a honeymoon. The ceremony and reception went well, thank God, and I was surprised to find that most of my family actually came! It's at least a 6 hour drive for the closest of them, and even a cross country flight for a few. But they came! I cried during the ceremony because I was so happy. Oh, and my first dance? "Theme of Love" from FF4. I am so serious. And it went on for, like, five minutes. To most people, it was a pretty instrumental piece, but to him and me, it was very special. The honeymoon was a road trip to the southeastern US, with stops in Atlanta, Savannah, and Charleston. Weather was warm, and there were still leaves on the trees. I took plenty of photos to use as references for FF6 cities.

Well, I'm back, and though there are plenty of changes to adjust to, a lot of things are the same. Like the comic here. Vargas shouts a poorly-thought-out sentence (I meant it to be like that) and THE FIGHT BEGINS!

11/19/10 Hiatus until December 6th, 2010

I'm afraid that's right, folks. Tomorrow is my wedding day and this week has been a little busy. While I love my comic to bits, there has literally been no time to work on it. I don't want to do a half-assed job on this next scene, either. So I'm going to have to say "good-bye" for now. I'm headed to the south east coast of the US for the honeymoon- we'll be travelling to Atlanta, Savannah, and then wherever sounds good next. So I will have the next page come december 6th. Thanks, guys, for understanding. You are all always so patient. See you in a bit!

11/8/10 New page.

11/4/10 New page up. Vargas and Sabin have a dramatic conversation.

Sorry for the late post, guys. The wedding's on the 20th, so I've got plenty to keep me busy, unfortunately. Thanks always for your patience.

10/25/10 Comic is ready for posting on Monday. It's Sabin! Many thanks to my fiance, who let me use his feet for panel three.

In an unrelated topic, I've been watching Doctor Who all weekend. It's like the chocolate cake of television. And much like chocolate cake, I now feel a little queasy for watching so much of it- but I still want to watch more!

10/17/10 It's Sunday as I write this, and the comic is ready for posting on schedule tomorrow. Next week finally: Sabin! I personally think Terra looks too happy in that panel, especially after being attacked by a bear. But she looked so cute, I didn't want to redo her. So there you are.

10/13/10 Well, it's behind schedule as usual... but here is the next page. We'll see Sabin soon!

9/29/10 Okay, it is technically Thursday morning as I write this. But I hope you like the new page.

9/21/10 Damn, and I was doing so good for a minute there. Oh, well. New page is up. Locke gets what he deserves for asking one question too many. Vargas tactfully avoids answering it. Next page: fight! Also- finally fixed the text in the previous page.

9/13/10 New page up, and I added a few details to the last page that I forgot last week. I got nothing more to say, other than I think our heroes have a fight on their hands.

9/6/10 Okay, so Vargas doesn't really look like the actor I was trying to make him look like. That's okay. The page is done. Happy Labor Day, Americans. I have today off. It feels good.

9/1/10 Ah... so... I am back. With a new page. (hides)

I'm so sorry, guys. No, I'm not dead. No tragic accident to report. But may I say this has been a crazy couple of months. The free time I have left these days is used towards cooking/cleaning, bill paying, and wedding planning. Which leads to my second pearl of wisdom- the standard length of engagement ought to be shortened to, say, two weeks. Would make it less painful and with a lot less drama. Plus, there's less time for an unethical business to mess with you- which is what has been distracting me all this time.

I know, I know. It's no excuse for not having the page up. For that I apologize. I love this comic and you guys, and I don't want to give up the dream. But- please be forwarned. Updates might be more sporadic for a while. Or- and this is just throwing it out there- I could switch to black and white for a little while and update more regularly. What do you guys think?

Anyway, no time to waste. I am back. Now to work on the next page. I already have a good idea how Vargas will look- my model for him is a famous Bollywood actor. Stay tuned! Oh yeah- and can anyone guess why Locke is so scared of bridges...?

8/10/10 Nothing new really to report. End scene, get to Mt. Kolts.

8/2/10 Almost forgot to upload the shaded version of last week's comic. Here it is. I'm afraid today's new comic won't be up until this evening.

[UPDATE] The last two clues as to Sabin's identity are modified and condensed for storytelling's sake. In the game, the player goes to a cabinet and Edgar exclaims, "These dishes! They were his favorite!", implying maybe a whole set of dishes or something. Which makes no sense if you consider that Sabin ran away at 17, probably taking only what he could carry. So for the comic, I turned it into just his one favorite cup, a red glass teacup. Used for his favorite White Jasmine tea. Apparently this is a combination that Sabin always insisted upon whenever the family would take their afternoon tea. Or maybe it was more of a mid-day tea, kind of like a siesta, like in parts of our world where people need to stop work in the middle of the day on account of the heat. Whatever it was, I guess the king made time to be with his sons because ohmygod there he is. Looking like an older, darker Edgar. And I really like Sabin's expression in that second panel. I can just hear what he's saying.

However, I am not at all happy with the first panel. It looks like I did it while I was drunk. Really, I just did it 10 minutes ago and I am pretty worn out at the end of the day. Will redo it when I get the chance. Also I might modify the dialog on the bottom panel to make it flow easier. [EDIT 8/3/10] Uploaded modified page.

7/26/10 The background needs shading, but I'll go back and finish that later today. For now, enjoy!

7/19/10 I hope it is evident that I actually spent time on scenery and backgrounds on this page. Because it took up a lot of time. My favorite is the target laying on the ground and the stuffed torso (my sources tell me that in our world their plastic counterparts are called "Bob"s). I'd like it to be apparent that this is a house occupied by three men, and martial artists at that. Though with that in mind, I think I should have added more messiness to the scene. Not saying that martial artists are messy; just the ones I know are. :)

7/12/10 Finished new comic at 2:30 am today. I also start my new job on this day. I am tired.

7/5/10 And there you have it. Terra has a new cape, ribbon, and hip scarf. Mostly inspired by the Dissidia Terra design and the Amano drawings. But the main reason I did this? I can't stand drawing her shoulder pads anymore. I could never get them to look right. So, away with them!

Did you Americans have a good Independence Day? I worked, called my brother (it was his birthday), and saw the fireworks. All together, a good day. Hope yours was, too.

[EDIT] Would also like to point out that I took inspiration of Terra's pose from a photo from Senshistock's DA Gallery. Her photo references are really quite useful.

7/1/10 I'm sorry about this delay, guys. This week has been pretty busy, in both good and bad ways. Today's my day off, though, so I finally got to finish and post this week's page. What's going on in this page is not canon, and it'll delay the appearance of Sabin a little longer, but by next week's page the story will continue on track. Can you guess from this page what I am planning?

6/21/10 Well, I tried, but unfortunately today's page won't go up until about 5pm Central Time. For those of you who don't mind ruining the surprise, you can see the page's progress on the FF6c Livejournal (button above this shoutbox). Thanks for your patience, guys! [EDIT] Completed page is posted. I don't really like Edgar in the second panel. He looks wierd, like his eyes are too far apart. Oh, well. Too late now!

6/14/10 Not a complicated page today; just Shadow's formal introduction.

6/7/10 Locke gets wrestled back into his seat- without his Pony.

6/3/10 Re-uploaded this week's page because I forgot to make the gutters between the panels black. Also, check out the FFVI Livejournal for some cool links I'd like to share, including theApocrypha's lovely comic on DA!

On a sidenote, I'm mostly done with the next page- all that's left is the bottom panel and backgrounds.

5/31/10 Its Memorial Day in the U.S.; hanging flower baskets and shepherd's hooks are selling more than usual at the hardware store where I work. Charcoal and grills are selling out, too. No matter what you are doing today, I hope its a good weekend for you. As for me, I've been up since 4am finishing this page before I go back on the clock.
I had a hard time doing Interceptor and in the end had to sort of fudge him a bit. I hope he at least resembles a Doberman.

5/24/10 Introducing Shadow.

5/18/10 Am back from Anime Central. Thanks to everyone who visited the table, and those who bought chocobo plushies. It was a nice surprise to have some readers introduce themselves. So, good to meet you!

This year I had white, black, red, and gold birds available in addition to the usual yellow. Special shout out to TLU who helped me carry bags of chocobos from the hotel to the AA site. Never was there so many cute birds stuffed into two bags!

I arrived home tired and today am feeling a little sick. Sadly, I wasn't able to finish the page on time, but here it is, all the same.

5/5/10 Happy Cinco De Mayo to those who celebrate it. Sadly, I will not have a new page for you this coming Monday. I'll be back at my family's house visiting, and will be spending my time on the stuffed chocobos I'm doing for Anime Central. You'll see a new page on Monday the 17th. Thanks for your patience, guys!

5/3/10 It is 4:30 Monday morning where I am, and I have just finished page 135. It took a long time. I made the long panel in a larger, separate file. Maybe I can use it as a portfolio piece or something. You can see the larger version on the Livejournal. I am very pleased with the coloring job in this page, though you'll excuse the simplicity of the panel with the child feeding the pigeons... I was just so tired.

Giving credit where it's due... I used photo references for every panel this time. The street scenes are from two 1970's travel books I found at a book sale. I knew they'd come in handy some day! The pigeon panel is from a postcard I got in Spain.

4/30/10 This is a first- I forgot to include a page at the end of the cave scene, so am inserting it into the archive. Here we get to see a non-canon scene where Kefka returns to his troop's base and schemes out some revenge. So now the inserted scene is now page 133 and the page with the heroes travelling is page 134. Make sense? Click here to see the inserted page.

The idea for this scene and parts of the panels are directly borrowed from our reader TLU's mock-up page. Check the livejournal to see TLU's lovely art and more explanation.

Also, I corrected Edgar's backpack in page 134 and added page numbers. Next page is still scheduled for this coming Monday, where we get to see more of South Figaro!

4/26/10 I've been reading a book about drawing landscapes, so I'm proud of today's backgrounds.

4/20/10 Well, I tried, but seems like today's page will be uploaded later this night or tomorrow early morning. In the meantime, you can see the page's progress at the Livejournal (click the button above). [EDIT] New page up!

4/13/10 Some of you guys have asked about a forum, so may I present the FF6c Forum. I know that some comics make a new post each time they update with a new page, so as to give the readers something to talk about. I think that sounds reasonable, don't you?

Keep in mind that there is also a Livejournal where I'll post doodles and thoughts. Go there if you want to hear me stressing about details in the characters' clothing or my opinion about middle eastern food.

4/2/10 Next week's page will update on Easter Sunday instead of Monday the 5th. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

3/29/10 It's been another busy week for me here, but at least I've got the page ready for Monday! Page 129 (I keep forgetting to add the page numbers, but trust me on it) features Edgar trying to drown Locke in the recovery spring. Something about that strikes me as very ironic. But wait- can someone drown in a recovery spring? I... I don't know. Anyway, notice that Edgar's mug has finally been healed, since he washed his face in the previous page.

I really am a novice when it comes to lighting. Bear with me as I try out new coloring effects.

3/22/10 Well, I am back. And have bad news. As I was trying to update my page today, I lost half of the code of my main page. I have most of the html in a backup file, but have lost all the text in this here "updates" section. No big loss, really.

FF6 is the property of Square Enix. I don't own the name, characters, etc. The work you see here, however, is original.
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