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Here are some of my favorite webcomics. The maturity rating of these may be different from my own comic, so use discretion. Also note that I'm not responsible for the images/opinions/themes addressed in these other pages. Got it? Good.

Wayrift just changed their web address. They got a huge archive to read from. Read if you like Lunarians.
Two comics, Emerald Winter and Lavender Legend, can be found here. A lovely story with beautiful art, go check-check it out.
Demonology 101 was one of the first comics I read, way back in high school. Completed Story.
No Rest for the Wicked. Drawn in black and white and red all over.
Ganbare! Shimura-san kind of reads like a TV drama, and does it well. Completed Story.
515 Comics actually contains about 10 different titles. Something for ev'ryone!
Between Two Worlds really draws you into the adventure. I also like the coloring. Completed Story.
No Need for Bushido has cool fight scenes and a lovable-idiot-hero. And come on, we all need more of that!
Growth is a pretty cool FF7 doujinshi. If you're a fan of VII, you really should go take a look. Its got old Nanaki...!
< ? Old School # > The Old School Webring will show you to some cool little character shrines of your favorite pre-PSX FF games. Representin' with pride.
Tomgeeks is a webcomic collective for female comic creators.

References and Resources

Here is where credit is given to all the help I've gotten in making this comic. I have contacted (or made attempts to contact) the creators/authors of these sites/threads and have obtained their permission to use their stuff for the FF6 comic. Thanks, guys.

Final Fantasy VI Monster Reserve Fenrir's site for video game sprites. I have used his stuff for drawing references, and used a background or two in earlier pages.
Lina Darkstar's fan translation of FF6 on IcyBrian Forums Lina played FF6 in Japanese, then made periodic forum posings to this thread with not only translations, but commentary on the tone of voice used by characters, their development in the story, and other musings. I have found her work very helpful and am modifying some of the dialogue in the comic either with her direct translations or paraphrasing them. When I make direct quotes, I'll make mention of it in the updates box on the main page.
Senshistock on Deviantart These are stock photos created for use as pose references for Sailor Moon fanart pieces, but I have found them useful on more than one occasion.

Got rid of the old banners, made these new ones. I think they look nicer.

Feel free to use these banners on your page. Remember to link to this address:

Because Terra is SO DAMN CUTE.
Larger version of the same.
Locke looks at you sideways.
Oh, Edgar.

It's Over!

FF6 is the property of Squaresoft. I don't own the name, characters, etc. The work you see here, however, is original.
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