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FF6c Wallpapers
Made a few wallpapers. Click on the dimensions underneath the thumbnail. Hope you like.

My first ever painting-type piece. Didn't come put perfect, but I like it. References used from Missystock and Senshistock, both on DeviantART.
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A wallpaper made from the bottom panel of page 113.
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Anime Central 2009
Acen was the weekend of May 8-10. I (with a lot of help from Mom) made 34 chocobo plushies to sell at the Artist's Alley vending area. By noon on Sunday, all the birds had been sold out. Check out the galleries for pictures of my table and people hugging the chocobos, Final Fantasy cosplayers, and other neat cosplayers. The thumbnails below is a selection of some of my favorites.

See the Chocobo Plushie Gallery

See the Final Fantasy Cosplayer Gallery

See the Regular Cosplayer Gallery

Character Doodles
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Production Sketches for Pages
Here's a look into what my method for pagemaking is like. I draw using many colors and a ton of layers. When a friend calls to talk, I'll start to doodle on the page I'm working on. Heh. The stuff at the bottom is older.
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Old FF6c Pages
Back in Jan 2007 I had a few pages drawn from the scene where Locke is first introduced. Looking back, the errors on these pages glare out at me, but I put them here for anyone who might be interested in comparing this version with the new pages. Start on the left side of the thumbnails. And enjoy :P


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