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In Case You're Wondering...

Why make a video game into a comic?

My answer boils down to this: I always wanted to read a FF6 Comic. And I couldn't find one on the Internet already. It's also good drawing practice.

For how long will this train wreck last?

Hopefully, until the very end. It'll take years, but I am a stubborn one.

And Finally: Who are you?

I thought I'd truncate this answer somewhat.
Online I'm called: Orinocou
I like: comics, chickens, baking
I can't stand: getting ready for bed, sloppily drawn hands
I want to: go to art school one day, learn to use a Sable brush, get paid to travel, own chickens
If the FF6c page is late, its probably because: I've been playing FF4 or doing household chores
While I'm drawing, I: listen to Country, and use a mirror for pose references
Don't ask me: any mathematical questions
Below is a self portrait of me hard at work.

Go Baaack!

FF6 is the property of Squaresoft. I don't own the name, characters, etc. The work you see here, however, is original.
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