Acen 2009 Chocobo Plushies Gallery

Con attendees passing by our table at Artist's Alley heard my cheery voice calling out, "wanta hug a chocobo?". I was surprised how everyone gently took the bird from my outstretched hands and tenderly- oh so tenderly- gave it a squeeze. Some people didn't let go- they just handed me the money. A few people were so adorable that I had to take their pictures. I think that I'll be modifying the pattern of the plushie for next year. Anyone interested in ordering their own chocobo- in whatever color- can shoot me an email at
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Had a total of 34 birds to sell at Anime Central. They stack surprisingly easily.

A view of my part of the table. I found that clustering the birds together tended to make them more eye-catching.

It was bound to happen! Chocobo man came by and was very obliging. After the photo, I went up and gave him (her?) a great big hug. He smelled like carrots and greens.

All ready to find new homes. Next year there will be a "hug me" sign hanging around one of their necks.

This dude really liked the chocobos. The chocobo really liked his costume.

The bird on the right is a little nervous about that giant mouth.

Do you know that this was the perfect Vash? He's the right height and build, has naturally blonde hair that he always spikes, and even has the right glasses!

This picture is great because of the tender embrace he is giving the bird. I had actually met this guy cosplaying as sprite Locke last year. Turns out we live in the same town and have a friend in common.

Totoro and Satsuki.

Cloud bought a bird on Saturday, and the next day I saw him with the bird still under his arm, its tail flopping behind him! This is such a cute pose, too.

Dude tried to get the bird to balance on his head. Didn't wark.

The flock numbered only 9 by the end of Saturday.

Poor guy didn't have the money for a plushie, but kept coming back for repeat hugs. I should've just given it to him.

These guys crack me up. Especially what with putting chocobos on heads.

Someone had a lovely ball jointed doll. Click for a larger image.

Sold out by noon on Sunday! Thanks to my tablemates for making the sign. Thanks to all who bought.

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