Acen 2009 Final Fantasy Cosplayer Gallery

Hey, you know me- of course I'm going to seek out and photograph every FF6 cosplayer at the convention. And this year had some nice ones. Some costumes from other FF games made it into this gallery. It makes me jealous of some people's sewing ability. I made sure to ask for everyone's permission before posting their image, but if you slipped throught the cracks, e-mail me and I'll surely take your pic out.

Maybe I should have censored this as a spoiler?

Another artist in Artist's Alley said she had just finished this ball joint Terra doll the day before. I really admire the sash and beads part.

Duct Tape Aeris wanted to be known for her duct tape themed costume and roses. So she handed me a rose.

Last year this kid was a newborn and had a moogle costume. You gotta start them off young.

Gogo and Palom (or Porom). Dig the superhero pose.

Okay, these people. I found the Gogo, Gau, Setzer and Relm walking about and asked to take their photo. By chance there was a Locke wandering nearby who also had a very detailed, Amano-like costume. Once they were in place, a swarm of people materialized to take photos. I liked their costumes so much, you can click on the image to see a larger version.

Kind of a closeup of Locke and Gogo. One and only "House" fanart I have ever seen in background.

I think Gogo made both her own and Setzer's costume. At least. Would you believe that all that fancy trim and beadwork is done by hand. At retail price, those costumes would be in the thousands. Easily. Click image for bigger image.

All them again. These guys were so nice. And I think I even remember them from last year's Masquerade event. That's the big cosplay event at Acen where people walk across a stage to showcase their costume, or otherwise perform goofy skits.

Got to talk with Gau a bit. She was so sweet.

I assume this is a couple. Found these guys at the video game room at the end of the day and Terra was visibly tired. (Used to much MP? Har har.) Their costumes are handmade, too.

Locke doing that one pose again.

Black mage. Her hat is a halloween witch's hat cleverly modified.

Hottest red mage I have ever seen. I think that's a corset.

Edgar was one of the only people who was acting in character. All grand gestures and sweeping of the cape and taking my hand. He even had a new invention to show me! And it wasn't the autocrossbow either. Look for him at another convention and ask him yourself.

No one takes enough photos of the back of a costume. Edgar's refined choice in color and fabric is suitable for none other than a king.

The next day, I found Edgar with his friend Locke, who was also in character. These two meshed very well together. I couldn't tell if he was a guy or girl, but decided not to ask.

Locke opened his vest to reveal a set of keys. For entering houses and finding treasure, he explained. I asked if taking things without paying could constitute stealing and he had this whole convoluted explanation ready. Perfect Locke.

Unfortunate guy in a moogle suit who was trying to escape into the night. Even had his own assistant to guide him and turn him around to take photos.



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