Acen 2009 Cosplay Gallery

My brother lent me his camera for Acen and I went to town snapping shots of characters I knew and costumes I admired. Tried my best to get everyone's permission to post their images, but if you see yourself up here and wanted your picture taken down, just shoot me an email.

Poor Link Gang kept getting stopped for photos. Purple kept running off to look at the things in Artist's Alley.

I was surprised how many Pokemon people there were. Thought we were done with that ten years ago. Or maybe I'm just old?

Love the tail.

Some kind of a Naruto with a neat wig.

Scorpion was with the Locke and Terra couple from the other gallery, I think.

I am SURE that's a red belt on his head!

Raiden. Callin' down da thunder.

Vash from Trigun.

The hardworking people behind Acen take refuge in a high up balcony for a little peace.

Friend of mine wanted to go to an Avatar shoot. I like this one's pose.

Cute kid got a lot of attention.

Around this time I began taking photos of more candid moments.


Two men talking.

Such nice makeup, I thought they were performers.

Someone had a lovely ball jointed doll. Click for a larger image.

Sold out by noon on Sunday! Thanks to my tablemates for making the sign. Thanks to all who bought.



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